What is the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit?

The DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a suite of utilities tailored for the modern filmmaker, contained in one iOS application. It has been designed with the DSLR filmmaker in mind, but the large feature set ensures that it's a must-have app for any passionate filmmaker on a tight budget.

Electronic Slate

  • Displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras
  • Shot logging, including shot rating & shot notes
  • Automatic take incrementation
  • High/low contrast display modes
  • "Data Burst" displays all your slate information sequentially in a big, bold display, to ensure it is always readable

Shot Log

  • Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated
  • Displays detailed data about every shot
  • Handles multiple productions at the same time
  • Export your log to .csv and .html files


  • Designed to simulate the framing of your DSLR camera
  • Choose from a huge list of available cameras
  • Zoom through any focal length from 10mm to 400mm
  • "Snapshot" an image you want to save. Your image will be saved, complete with the settings used.
  • Location data saved with snapshots - remember where, when and what settings you used. Perfect for location scouting

Depth of Field Calculator

  • Choose from a huge list of available cameras
  • D.O.F data is displayed instantly as you change the controls
  • Metric/imperial units both supported

Timelapse Calculator

  • Simplifies calculations needed when creating timelapse footage
  • Three different modes available

Daylight hours

  • Displays sunrise/sunset times for your current location and time of year
  • Includes twilight hours - sunset doesnt always mean there's no light...
  • Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again

Spirit Level

  • Works across 2 axes
  • Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level